Art studio sky - a rapidly expanding company the presenting the following areas: painting interior, stained-glass compositions, inlaying crystals Swarovski.

Art painting walls and ceilings, that is, design of walls, design rooms, design of the apartment painted - it is everyone's individual style, is what no one else, because it is handmade, exclusive work.

Stained Glass - decorative ornamental or narrative composition (in a window, door, wall, in the form of an independent panel) of glass or other material that transmits light.

For true connoisseurs of beauty, we offer inlay Swarovski crystals

We are pleased to present you with a unique collection of crystal STRASS Swarovski Crystal, applied in architecture, interior design, furniture, furnishings and various accessories.

The crystals are Swarovski - it's more than just a technically perfect crystals. They carry a poetic glow and sensual splendor.

Swarovski - the symbol of quality, authenticity and innovation, based on mainly his creation - the famous perfectly faceted crystals, Swarovski, which became an integral part of modern luxury and style.


Stained Glass